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About Us

Radio4Relatives is a semi-monthly video-radio show on The Lot Radio in Brooklyn, NY established at the suggestion of Chief Jake Signer Sr., Navajo, American Veteran, Vietnam and spiritual Grandfather to many. It is co-hosted by DJs Nathan Corbin (Blazer Sound System) and Christine Renee. 

The show seeks to provide a platform from which indigenous community members can be heard the world over. Programs are curated around the following aspects.

Spiritual Ecology

Spiritual Ecology is an emerging field that calls for responses to environmental issues that include spiritual awareness or practice. Spiritual Ecology is rooted in the understanding that resolving such complex issues as depletion of species, climate change, pollution and over-consumption requires examining and reassessing underlying attitudes and beliefs about the earth, and our spiritual as well as physical responsibilities toward the planet. 

R4R guests promote ways of being that are in harmony with the earth as a living whole, calling for ecological regeneration always with an awareness of the sacred within creation. Many speakers wish to call an audience's attention to political pursuits they are currently engaged with to create solutions to our current environmental crisis.

Indigenous Communities

R4R hosts believe that leaders from our planet's indigenous communities are "Keepers of Sacred Knowledge." It is the belief of R4R that these leaders can help protect our Earth through the world views they feel compelled to share with our audiences. 

This storytelling platform has the power to connect people to universal values and that storytelling is an integral component of how people respond to the critical issues of our time.

Three Main Goals of RADIO4RELATIVES

- Connecting communities through storytelling that have been separated by race, net-worth and prejudices
- Putting forth the indigenous points of views to an audience that might not have access to this way of seeing.
- Exposing environmental/political problems people so often face in weakened states of isolation to an international audience of up to 23k in the hopes that aid is in the spreading of knowledge and perspective.


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